TValley Tech Conference 2023
TValley Tech Conference 2023

TValley Tech Conference 2023

12:30 - 18:00
De Grolsch Veste, Enschede

Get ready for the TValley Tech Conference 2023 on 31 May! Together we empower future industries with smart technology.

Gain and share knowledge, connect with hightech companies, like Voortman Steel Machinery, VIRO, Demcon, and meet upcoming talent. All you need to do: sign up, receive a free ticket and write TValley Tech Conference 2023 down in your calendar!

Date | Wednesday 31 May 2023

Time | 12:30 hrs – 18:00 hrs

Place | De Grolsch Veste, Enschede

Main language | English


Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate, Micky Adriaansens, states in the context of EDIH that “Sustainability and digitization of our economy create jobs and income. The Netherlands is already leading the way with digital infrastructure and using data by entrepreneurs in their processes and products, for example. But we can and must take further steps. Think of the use of artificial intelligence by SMEs.”

TValley contributes to this ambition by creating the preliminary conditions for knowledge transfer, networking and multidisciplinary R&D projects. We specifically stimulate further development in 4 roadmap tracks: Autonomous Systems, Recognition, Data Analytics and Systems Engineering. A number of key concepts within Smart Industry.

Through our rich network containing various areas of expertise, we organize a variety of knowledge and inspiration sessions. Not only do we broaden and deepen our knowledge, but we also ensure that students gain the proper knowledge during their education.

In addition, we share challenges and solutions to help each other move forward based on challenge-based innovation. If You Want to Go Fast, Engineer Alone. If You Want to Go Far, Engineer Together.


  • In-depth and interactive knowledge sessions
  • Business fair presenting the TValley community and more
  • Demonstrations of smart industry solutions
  • Matchmaking: meet regional frontrunners, passionate engineers, talent and potential cooperation partners!

We will discuss the developments of the last few years and, of course, the possibilities of the future, some of them developed today by TValley partners. Enjoy in-depth knowledge sessions, prepare to be blown away by innovative demonstrators and allow fellow engineers and entrepreneurs to impress you.

12:30 | 12:50


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12:30 | 17:00

Business fair

Meet hightech companies and market-driven research groups

12:50 | 13:00


By Steven van Roon

13:00 | 13:30

Keynote: Learn from your Brilliant Failures!

By Bas Ruyssenaars | The world we live in is changing faster and faster, increasing complexity. At the same time, our globally connected world is getting smaller and smaller. Mediocrity, directly linked to the fear of failure, will not cut it. In short, the importance of an open attitude toward taking risks, trying things out, daring to fail and learning from them is increasing. To find your way in these times, navigating rather than controlling and managing becomes increasingly important. And these abilities are learned precisely by experimenting, making mistakes and making adjustments. The pace of change is so rapid that linear and innovative learning is no longer sufficient or even possible. We must use trial and error to increase our learning speed and dare to fail brilliantly: you try something with the best intentions and preparations and embrace the idea that the outcome may be different than planned. In doing so, you increase the chance of discovering something important by chance and certainly also your learning ability and F.A.I.L. (First Attempts in Learning) capacity. The interactive lecture introduces participants to the power of pattern recognition with humour and recognition using the Brilliant Failures failure patterns: common universal patterns or learning moments that participants can take advantage of. The goal is to challenge participants in a positive way to an open attitude towards daring to experiment, innovate, fail and learn from it.

13:30 | 14:15

Artificial Intelligence Automation

Hamed Mehdipoor (SPECTRO-AG) & Tatiana Goering-Zaburnenko (SAXION RESEARCH GROUP AMBIENT INTELLIGENCE) | In this session, Tatiana Goering-Zaburnenko, researcher and project leader at Saxion Ambient Intelligence research group, will explain how Computer Vision research helped Go2Sure B.V. to expand the risk-management inspection tool. Hamed Mehdipoor, director and co-founder of Spectro-AG, will elaborate on which AI solutions are possible using drones. Combining research perspectives (Saxion) and practical examples (Spectro-AG ánd Saxion) opens possibilities for further collaboration in a broader range of applications.

13:30 | 14:15

Robotics Systems Engineering of an autonomous Apple Picking Unit

Edzard Boeijenga (RIWO) and Gerjen ter Maat (SAXION RESEARCH GROUP MECHATRONICS) and Thomas Kieft (SAXION Master) | RIWO has joined forces with students of the master's degree program Robotics Systems Engineering. Together we tackle the various challenges associated with the development of an autonomous Apple Picking Unit. A complex robotic system combining vision, AI and manipulation operating in challenging conditions: outside, close to human operators and under various weather conditions. RIWO and students inspire and educate eachother and share the results with you.

13:30 | 14:15

Managing your data pipelines in theory and practice

Gerwin Ligtenberg (VOORTMAN STEEL MACHINERY) and Iris Heerlien (SAXION AMBIENT INTELLIGENCE) | Digitizing your processes relies on a data foundation. In this session, Jeroen Linssen, Associate Lector Applied Data Science at Saxion Ambient Intelligence, and Gerwin Ligtenberg, Head of Sofware Development at Voortman Steel Machinery, will answer the questions: How do you operationalize a data pipeline, which tools and techniques are available, and what are vital ingredients for data-driven working? They approach this key challenges from a theoretical perspective (Hogeschool Saxion) and a practical implementation (Voortman Steel Machinery).

14:15 | 14:30


Several demonstrations of Smart Technology

14:30 | 15:15

Self-learning machines with AI

Vincent Bos (DEMCON) & Kamil Baranowski (VMI): Explore the future of technology with us as we delve into the transformative power of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) within our organization. We will present two different projects. The first one is about how we utilize AI in machines so that tire-building customers maintain high-quality products, even at high speeds! Next, we tackle the challenging task of creating an AI that optimizes splice quality. These cutting-edge AI systems operate under diverse and challenging conditions, blending state-of-the-art technology with tangible machine integration. We will showcase technology that is not just disruptive, but also truly transformative.

14:30 | 15:00

Sensing and measurement examples/methods enabling new industrial/medical applications

Martin Goossens (BENCHMARK) | Within various industries, #sensing and #measuring have become essential to enable analytics and innovative applications that are rapidly growing. Martin Goossens, Systems Engineer at Benchmark, will further elaborate on the advantages of various measurement methods compared to conventional ways. For example, new ways of measuring sound can open up applications that were never possible. Or microfluidics measurement devices using microfabricated devices measuring micro- and nanoliters. Precise control, rapid analysis and lower costs are three advantages of this approach.

14:30 | 15:00

From data to information

Lammert Heijnen (BRONKHORST) | Bronkhorst develops and manufactures smart, sustainable and customer-specific low-flow fluidics handling solutions. Their precise and reliable mass flow meters and controllers for liquids and gases find their way in laboratories, test benches, machinery and various industries. The wide variety of products results in high mix, low volume production. Bronkhorst is digitising its production to ship high-quality products with zero defects to facilitate growth in numbers and variety. Further, Bronkhorst is present in a wide range of markets. To monitor and predict the trend in these markets, Bronkhorst is investigating if data analytics helps predict and correlate individual market segments to global trends. In this session, Lammert Heijnen, data scientist, will tell you how Bronkhorst turns a large amount of data into valuable information. What are their lessons learned, and what does the future of this forward-thinking company look like?

15:00 | 15:45

Coffee break

15:00 | 15:45


Several demonstrations of Smart Technology

15:45 | 16:30

Evolution of IoT technologies for nature conservation

Matthijs Nederveen (ROBOR ELECTRONICS) & Wouter Teeuw (SAXION AMBIENT INTELLIGENCE) | The evolution of Internet of Things (IoT) technology has played a significant role in the paradigm shift for nature conservation, with numerous new innovative IoT applications aiming to protect and to preserve the natural environment and ecosystems. Latest advances in IoT technologies have allowed for the remote collection of real-time data in harsh environments, that for instance can be used to monitor wildlife, track habitat changes or mitigate human impact on ecological systems, among many other applications. The proliferation of new low-power computing architectures, sensors and wireless technologies has made it possible to collect and to analyse data from remote locations where before it was not possible, providing new opportunities for nature conservation efforts. The use of IoT technologies has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach conservation, helping us to better understand and protect our natural world.

15:45 | 16:30

Collaboration on autonomous systems

Nathalie Geerlings (RIWO), Kees van Teeffelen (SAXION RESEARCH GROUP MECHATRONICS) & Geert Folkertsma (DEMCON) | Saxion, Demcon and RIWO are all working on unmanned ground vehicles, autonomous rovers, AGVs—however you want to call them. They have decided to work together on research and development, by sharing knowledge on things like localisation, navigation, and simulation; by co-developing a “navigation stack” or “autonomous architecture” with shared interfaces; and by sharing and aligning work done in internships. In this talk, the collaborators will share the outcomes and outlook of this collaboration on autonomous systems.

15:45 | 16:15

Systems engineering – a case

Theo de Vries (VIRO) | Join us for a presentation on systems engineering and the mastery of complexity. We will use a tailor-made robotic system as an example to illustrate the critical role of a systems engineer in designing complex systems. Discover how a systems engineer must navigate the intricacies of what the system needs to do, and how it will operate. By attending this presentation, you will gain valuable insights into the world of systems engineering and learn about the skills necessary to design systems that work seamlessly in challenging environments.

16:30 | 17:30

Drinks & bites

Partners of TValley Tech Conference 2023

For whom

  • Engineers and technicians looking to improve their knowledge of smart technology topics such as autonomous systems, vision, systems engineering and data analytics.
  • IT professionals interested in the application of technology in the industrial sector and the integration of smart technology solutions.
  • Entrepreneurs and managers looking to learn about the latest technologies and trends in industry automation and digitization.
  • Researchers and academics interested in learning about the latest developments and challenges in industrial automation.
  • Students who want to be introduced to high-tech companies to boost their careers.
  • Investors and entrepreneurs seeking to explore new business opportunities in the field of smart industry.

Overall, it’s the ultimate opportunity to network with peers, attend informative sessions and workshops, and gain a better understanding of how smart industry can benefit your business or career.

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