Create Tomorrow: theme sessions

Create Tomorrow: theme sessions
12:00 - 18:00

It’s almost time for one of most the innovative events of the year: Create Tomorrow. On 27 & 28 May about 1.000 students with different nationalities and backgrounds will come together (virtually). Their job is to think of new solutions and groundbreaking ideas for the technological challenges of various companies in just two days. Four themes: Energy Transition, Smart Cities, Connected Healthcare en Future Industry. Besides this big think thank we offer renewed inspiration to future orientated entrepreneurs and professionals. We’re happy to invite you to attend the theme sessions!

On the first day of Create Tomorrow – Thursday 27 May – professionals, researchers and students will come together to get to know more about the themes and corresponding challenges. During the panel discussion about the various themes, several experts will join the table to share their opinion about the future of shopping concepts, manufacturing companies, healthcare innovations and energy sources.

For example, attend the Future Industry theme session, about the future of manufacturing companies. We will talk to Mark Voortman, CEO of TValley member Voortman Steel Group Rijssen and Antoinette Tanke, director and owner of Connecting Xperts / teacher and researcher at Saxion University of Applied Sciences. They will share their thoughts on robots, machines, data and how these kind of developments might affect the manufacturing industry.

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Follow the livestreams on Thursday 27 May:

Theme: Energy Transition 
Time: 1.15pm – 2.15pm
An energy-neutral world in one generation. In order to achieve the global climate goals, we must not only reduce these emissions to zero, but also remove greenhouse gases from the air. This is a major technological challenge and entails the necessary social and geopolitical challenges.

Theme: Smart Cities 
Time 2.30pm – 3.30pm
Due to the changing times and the rise of online shopping, a lot is changing for the physical stores. But the pandemic we are now dealing with is also changing the way of shopping. How can you as a store maintain its right to exist in the future? In what form will this be and which concept is appropriate for this?

Theme: Connected Healthcare
Time: 3.45pm – 4.45pm
We are approaching the limits of keeping our healthcare system accessible and affordable. As we age and our changing lifestyle leads to more demand for care. But legislation and regulations mean that everything must be extensively researched and tested. Who takes which responsibility in this? How can we introduce technological innovations faster and get them adopted by the end users through new forms of collaboration?

Theme: Future Industry (recommended for TValley!)
Time: 5pm – 6pm
Nowadays we are increasingly making way for robots and machines that replace hands. Will there still be room for craftsmanship in the future? Do we create new professions? What does an employer look like? What role does data play? And what are other bottlenecks in this transition?

The livestreams will be in English.



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